Computers Available for Adults and Children


We have 10 computers available for our adult patrons to use for up to two hours each day.  Patrons may make copies from these computers at a cost of .10 for black and white copies and .50 for color copies.  

You will need a library card to use the computers, however, if you are just visiting, the staff will be happy to give you a visitor's pass that is valid for 2 hours.

There is also a laptop available and a private office with a desktop available if needed for testing.



There are 5 computers located on the second floor of the library in the Children's Department.  Typically children are given 30 minutes on the computers, but if more time is needed, a staff member may extend it. 

There are learning games on the computers as well as access to the internet.

There is also a black and white printer and a color printer available on the 2nd floor.




We also offer 4 hotspots available for patron checkout as well as Chromebooks.  Both of these items check out for one week.

To learn more about the Hotspot lending program, go here...