Conference and Meeting Rooms


Spaces available at The Demopolis Public Library:

  • Meeting Room (1st Floor)
  • Office/Meeting Room (1st floor)
  • Conference Room (2nd floor)

 Meeting Forms


Policies for Space use:

To the excent practical, the Library will provide meeting space for use by organizations within the community. meeting spaces will be made available to educational, civic, and cultural groups during library hours.

It is recognized that the primary purpose of the library meeting space is to serve the needs of library sponsored programs and services, and such functions shall always have priority.

Library meeting space is not available for purely social gatherings, political or religious meetings, commercial ventures, or other programs that by their nature are not appropriate for the library's facilities.  Groups may not charge admission or request donations for attendance or participation.

  1. Written application for use of a meeting room must be given to the specific library location at which space is requested.  While tentative (i.e. "penciled in") reservations may be made by telephone, no space is considered reserved until a group or represenative has completed and signed the library reservation form, the Director has signed the form, and copies of the form are on file at the Circulation Desk.
  2.  Groups that wish to make application for a series of meetings need to fill out only one application form in advance of the first meeting, accompanied by a schedule for the meeting dates, times, and other requested information.  reservations will not be made for more than a year in advance. 
  3. The Conference Room (2nd floor), Meeting Room (1st floor) and Office/Meeting Room (1st floor) is the only meeting space that the library offers for organizations within the community.     
  4. The Conference Room, Meeting Room and Office/Meeting Room are only available when the Library is open.  Meetings must end 15 minutes before the Library closes.
  5. When an organization finds it necessary to cancel a reservation, the library should be notified 72 hours in advance.
  6. Organizations wishing to use the library's folding chairs are responsible for the setting up and take down of the chairs.  Folding chairs must be folded and returned to the chair dolly.
  7. Programs may not disrupt the use of the Library.  People attending meetings are subject to the rules and regulations of the Library. (Please see our Library Policy page).
  8. Meeting groups of individuals under the age of eighteen must have an adult sponsor in attendance at their meetings.
  9. Light refreshments (i.e. coffee, juice, cookiees, etc.) may be served with the permission of the Library Director.  The library does not supply (tablecloths, napkins, paper-cups, etc.).  NO Alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  10. Library facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition.  Users must pay the cost for any repair of damages to the facilities or equipment.  The individual signing the application shall be regarded as responsible for any such damage.
  11. The Library is not responsible for items left in its facilities.
  12. Organizations May Not Use The Library As Their Mailing Address!  Organizations may not state or imply that the Library is sponsoring their program.  The Library does not endorse the views of group meetings within their facilities.  Publicity announcing meetings should in no way imply Library sponsorship.  Activities only sponsored by the Library will be advertised by the Library.
  13. No Smoking is permitted in the Library building.  This included entranceways, hallways, and public restrooms.
  14. The Library Director and two Board Members may grant exceptions to this policy.